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Dentist in Ramganj Ajmer

Best Dentist in Ramganj, Ajmer

Dental Clinic, Ramganj, Ajmer, Rajasthan – Service Provider of Dentures, Dental Fillings, Root Canals Treatment, Dental Bridges, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Dentist in Ramganj.

Dentist in Vaishali Nagar

Get the best quality treatment from one of the Dentist Vaishali Nagar in Ajmer, Dental Hospital in Vaishali Nagar, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Dentist in Vaishali Nagar.
Dentist in Vaishali Nagar

Abha Tooth World

Abha Tooth World is a dental care centre which provides professional dental services personalized to meet your needs. We are dedicated to provide our patients the best possible dental care using state of the art technology and latest materials. We have an in- house dental laboratory which facilitates quicker treatment at affordable prices.
Near Chandra Medical Store, Janta Colony, Vaishali Nagar, Ajmer- 305001(Rajasthan), India.

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Abha Tooth World
About us
At Abha Tooth World Dental clinic you experience a professional and calm atmosphere where Dr. Mohit Chaturvedi and Dr. Neha Chaturvedi along with their team provide you efficient dental services in a relaxing environment. Each patient deserves our focused attention and we provide best possible to him. We believe that certain treatments need to be performed by dental specialists and the team of dentists at Abha Tooth World Dental Clinic are experts in specialized fields, i.e. orthodontic specialists, prosthodontist , oral & maxillofacial surgeon , periodontist , endodontist and Implant specialists.
Abha Tooth World
Contact Details
Routine Care
Dental or oral health is concerned with your teeth, gums, and mouth. The goal is to prevent complications such as tooth decay (cavities) and gum disease and to maintain the overall health of your mouth. A healthy mouth, free of infections, injuries, and other problems with teeth and gums, is important in maintaining your overall health. Disease and other conditions can affect your dental health and dental problems can affect other parts of your body. Failing to properly care for your oral health may lead to other health problems.
Root Canal Treatment (RCT)
Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is most commonly a painless procedure that will preserve your tooth and keep the structure from becoming damaged due to infection or trauma. In a nutshell, a root canal is actually your tooth savior. The name Root Canal comes from the fact that the treatment is of the root part of the tooth, and more specifically, in the canal part of the root where the nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissue of the tooth reside.
Dental Surgery
Endodontic (surgery involving the pulp or root of the tooth). Root canal – Pulpotomy: The opening of the pulp chamber of the tooth to allow an infection to drain; Usually a precursor to a root canal. – Pulpectomy: The removal of the pulp from the pulp chamber to temporarily relieve pain; Usually a precursor to a root canal. – Apicoectomy: A root-end resection. Occasionally a root canal alone will not be enough to relieve pain and the end of the tooth, called the apex, will be removed by entering through the gingiva and surgically extracting the diseased material.
Tooth Color Fillings
Tooth-Colored Fillings is a dental restoration technique used to restore the function of the missing tooth structure. Tooth-colored fillings material has undergone continuous changes over a period of time. The most versatile and widely used tooth-colored filling is composite resin filling. A composite is a material in which filler particles are encased in and bound together by a hard matrix material. For composite resin fillings a fluid matrix of an acrylic, called BIS-GMA, is hardened around glass filler particles to form composite resin.
Crowns & Bridges
A Crown is a type of dental restoration that completely Caps or encircles a Tooth. In other words, it is a Tooth-shaped “Cap” that is placed over a tooth — to cover the tooth to restore its Shape and Size, Strength, and improve its appearance. Crowns are used to cover teeth that are weakened by decay, severely damaged, chipped, or discolored. A dental bridge is one method to fill a gap created by a missing tooth (or teeth). A dental bridge or pontic is a custom-made false tooth or teeth, that is permanently placed between two healthy teeth, filling in the area left by a missing tooth or teeth.
Anti- Snoring Treatment
Snoring is quite simply a vibration of air as it passes through the soft tissues in your neck and head. During sleep, the air passages begin to narrow. This isn’t always a problem in itself, however, in some people, the tongue and jaw can also fall back, thus restricting the airway further. When this happens the snorer begins to draw air in at a higher velocity in order to compensate. Increasing air supply in this way to feed the body with oxygen results in tissue vibration more commonly known as snoring.
Dental braces are devices that are placed directly on teeth in order to move them. For most of us, braces are the most common method for achieving optimally aligned teeth. Aside from straightening teeth, braces are used to improve the relationship of how our teeth come together between the upper and lower jaws. Braces for tooth movement fall under the dental specialty of “orthodontics” which is the study and treatment of improper bites (malocclusion). Orthodontic treatment with braces is used for cosmetic as well as functional improvement in respect to teeth position.
Custom Mouth Guards
Mouth Guard is a kind of thick & squashy shield which is wear over the teeth. Guard is also referred to as “Mouth Protector”.A Mouth Guard is basically worn during sports that take place to protect from high-risk injuries. Mouth Guard is fitted to the upper teeth which is helpful for facial injuries. Without a Mouth Guard, injuries may occur which may damage your lips, gum, teeth, jaw fracture knocked out teeth, and much more. Mouth Guard is not only used in sports,but also for jaw issues or teeth attrition problems.
Facial Aesthetics
At the most basic level, facial aesthetics are small, non-surgical treatments that make noticeable but subtle enhancements to your appearance. They can help mask or even delay the passage of time, giving the face, and the person, a small boost, thereby improving confidence as much as they improve a smile or skin. At Abha Tooth World, our facial aesthetics clinic in Ajmer, we believe that facial aesthetics should make a difference but without being overtly noticeable. The effect should be attractive, not alarming.
Dental Implants
A dental implant can be thought of as an artificial tooth root that is submerged into the jawbone. When dental work such as a crown, fixed bridge, or a full set of dentures is added, one or more missing teeth can be replaced. A dental implant is fabricated from a very strong material (titanium) that is compatible with your body and is placed in a simple office procedure which generally is no more inconvenient than a tooth extraction.
Laminates & Veneers
Laminates, also known as decorative laminates are artificially produced materials made from paper and plastic resins. Similar to veneers these are also used as an overlay over wooden surfaces to increase their beauty. Dental veneers are very thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve your appearance. These shells are bonded to the front of the teeth changing their color, shape, size, or length.
Pedodontics (Children Dentistry)
Pediatric dentists have had special training, which allows them to provide the most up-to-date and thorough treatment for a wide variety of children’s dental problems. They are trained and qualified to treat special patients who may have emotional, physical, or mental handicaps. Because of this specialized training and commitment to comprehensive oral health, many parents wisely choose a pediatric dentist to treat their children.
Read Reviews
Done my RCT and capping and orthodontic treatment for my child. Received good care with best results for my teeth. Well equipped and experts in their field. I suggest them for every dental problem.
Somesh Gurung
They have done a tremendous job, my mother was having a serious teeth issue. They have done a full mouth transplant and bought her contagious smile back 🙂 They have expertise in their field.
Yogita Harchandani
I have seen a lot of dentists in my life, but I never experienced such dedication & care to get the ultimate product & satisfaction for the patient, and that too at a fraction of the price.
It was a nice treatment. I got the implants done and overall Smile and tooth alignment was done. The behavior of the doctor was very nice. Overall it was a nice ambiance.
Varun Ahuja