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Best Dentist in Delhi for Good Dental Treatment, Care but No Time? Don't worry we select the Best Dental Clinic in Delhi near me for you! Book Appointment with Dentist available in Central, West, New, East, North, Hauz Khas, Greater, East of Kailash, South, NCR and many more location in Delhi. in Top 10 creating a list of Implants Center, Pediatric, Child, Cosmetic, Orthodontist Dentist, Government Dental Hospitals in Delhi. Consult with Doctor to know the cost of Teeth Braces, Dental Implant.

Best Dentist in Central Delhi

Central Delhi

Find Best Dentist in Central Delhi for Dental Treatments, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Dentist in Central Delhi.

Best Pediatric Dentist

Find Best Dentist in Central offering world class Kids Dentistry treatment in Central Delhi, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Dentist in Central Delhi.
Best Pediatric Dentist in Central Delhi
Best Cosmetic Dentist in Delhi

Best Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry is a method of professional oral care that focuses on improving the appearance of your mouth, teeth and smile. And although cosmetic dentistry procedures are usually elective, rather than essential, some cases of treatment also provide restorative benefits. Smile makeover with cosmetic dental treatment like porcelain veneers, gaps closure at best dental clinic in Delhi / NCR, India, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Cosmetic Dentist in Delhi.

Best Dentist in West Delhi

Best dentist in Delhi NCR provides all dental treatments like, Invisalign Cost in Delhi, Invisalign Braces Cost in India, Dental Clinic in West Delhi, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Dentist in West Delhi.
Best Dentist in West Delhi
Best Dental Clinic in New Delhi

Best Dental Clinic in New Delhi

Best Dental Clinic in Delhi that provides extensive dental treatment through experienced dentists in Delhi, India, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Dental Clinic in New Delhi.

Cosmetic Dentistry New Delhi

Cosmetic dentistry is generally used to refer to any dental work that improves the appearance of teeth, gums and/or bite. A “smile makeover” improves the appearance of your smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures. Smile makeover with cosmetic dental treatment like porcelain veneers, gaps closure at best dental clinic in New Delhi. Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Cosmetic Dentistry New Delhi.
Cosmetic Dentistry New Delhi
Best Dentist in East Delhi

Best Dentist in East Delhi

Get the list of best Dental clinics in East Delhi 2020 including contact, appointment, dental deal with cleaning of teeth to prevent dental disorders., Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Dentist in East Delhi. We at inTOP10 created a List of Dentist in East Delhi.

Best Dentist in North Delhi

Best Dentist in Delhi at Ashok Vihar near Shalimar Bagh, Model Town area of North Delhi region, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Dentist in North Delhi.
Best Dentist in North Delhi
Best Dental Clinic in Delhi NCR

Best Dental Clinic in Delhi NCR

Best Dental Clinic in Delhi NCR, cosmetic dentist, Invisible Braces dental implants center, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Dental Clinic in Delhi NCR.
Dental Clinic in Hauz Khas

Dental Clinic in Hauz Khas

List of best dental clinic located in the serene and beautiful Hauz Khas locality, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Dentist in Hauz Khas.

Top 10 Dentist in Delhi

List of best and top dental clinic located in Delhi, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best and Top 10 Dentist in Delhi.
Top 10 Dentist in Delhi
Best Dentist in East of Kailash

Best Dentist in East of Kailash

list of our best Dentists from East Of Kailash and their surroundings created by inTop10, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Dental Clinics in East of Kailash.

Best Dentist in NCR

List of the Best Dentist in NCR, providing Painless dentistry at a very affordable cost by Using Latest Equipment & Technology. Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Dental Clinics in NCR.
Best Dentist in NCR
Best Dentist in South Delhi

Best Dentist in South Delhi

Multi-specialty dental clinics available in South Delhi with highly experienced dentists offer all kinds of dental treatments. Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Dentist in South Delhi.

Dental Clinic in South Delhi

Dent Ally is one of the best multi-specialty dental clinic based in South Delhi. Dent Ally assures its patients a holistic personalized dental experience through its internationally trained team of dentists, dental experts, world-class dental equipment and technology and patient-centered treatment plans.
Dental Clinic in South Delhi
Cheap and Best Dental Hospital in Delhi
Cheap and Best Dental Hospital
Dental treatment in hospital would be quite affordable, Cheap and best Dental Hospital in the Delhi NCR with highly qualified & experienced dentist. Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Cheap and Best Dental Hospital in Delhi.
Government Dental Hospitals
Government Dental Hospitals in Delhi
Best Orthodontist in South Delhi

Best Orthodontist

The best dental braces orthodontic treatments in Greater Kailash near you, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Orthodontist in Delhi.
What an orthodontist does?
Orthodontists are dental specialists who are trained in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. They provide a wide range of treatment options to straighten crooked teeth, fix bad bites and align the jaws correctly.
Teeth Braces Cost
Brace Type Charges
Consultation for braces at Clinic Rs. 500
Normal Braces Cost Rs. 20000
Ceramic Braces, Tooth Colored Braces Rs. 35000
Lingual braces and hidden braces Rs. 100000
Invisible braces, teeth straightening without braces. Rs. 100000
Dental Treatments
dental implants
Dental Implants
orthodontic treatment
Orthodontic Treatment
Paediatric Dentistry
Paediatric Dentistry
Root Canal
Root Canal
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening
Gum Treatment
Gum Treatment
Smile Designing
Smile Designing
Dental Jewellery
Dental Jewellery
Fixed Teeth Replacement
Fixed Teeth Replacement
Tooth Removal
Tooth Removal

Dental Implants Center

What are Dental Implants?: A dental implant is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis or to act as an orthodontic anchor. Avail state-of-the-art dental implant services from specialists, best Dental Implant specialist in Delhi who offered the world class Dental implants or Tooth implant at an affordable cost. Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Dental Implants Center in Delhi.

Dental Implant Cost

The single tooth implant costs between Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 45,000 depending on the brands & types of implants used. Call 9266665081 to know the complete cost of Tooth Implant.
Dental Implants Center in Delhi
Dent Ally
One of the best multi-speciality dental clinics, Dentist located in a very central location in Gulmohar Park New Delhi. They are considered one of the best dental practices owing to the approach to dentistry they adopt.
Some key distinguishing factors of their practice are:
a. They follow a specialized approach to dentistry: i.e. have an expert dentist representing each specialty that exists within dentistry.
b. They are one of the very few practices in India that follow a holistic approach to dentistry,that is a approach that takes care of your overall body heath along with your teeth health.
c.  They deliver a personalized treatment experience that is focused on not only treating the problem at hand, but the team works in partnership with patients to help them improve their oral health in the long term
d. They only use the latest and most advanced technology and materials and are known for maintaining and following a strict sterilization protocol. They have been recognized internationally for the sterilization practices they adopt.
Address: B-18, Balbir Saxena Marg, Gulmohar Park, New Delhi-110049. View on Google Map
Stunning Dentistry
Founder and CEO Of Stunning Dentistry, Dr. Priyank Sethi established this award winning Luxury and Elite dental brand in Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi for the class of patients who wish to have “No Compromise Dentistry”. With a rich international exposure, he has been successfully treating patients from more than 20 countries and is one of the leading dentist of the country. He has also been awarded as the Best Dentist in India. He is quite popular and is a preferred dentist by the Ministry of India Officials.
He further received advanced training in Digital Smile Designing and Full Mouth Rehabilitation from Germany. He is one of the few in the country who have been awarded with Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Dental Sciences. He has been an avid clinician and has several national and international research publications on his name. He is one of the most loved celebrity dentist of the country and he believes that every patient is special & unique and so should be the way he or she is treated.
Here at Stunning Dentistry, we exclusively focus over patient experience rather than just performing dental procedures. We devote time in understanding patient apprehensions and nervousness. As every patient is different and so is our approach towards them. Our doctors combine their artistic, technical and communication skills with empathy to create an Elite Dental Experience. Our welcoming support staff and team of client coordinators make sure our patients receive an exquisite experience. For us every patient is special and we treat them in a special way, that’s what makes us the Global leader in dentistry. We believe in creating life changing moments by our unique way of recreating smiles. We follow strict international guidelines when it comes to sterilization and this practice makes us the best dental clinic in Delhi.
C-26, First Floor, Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi-110048, INDIA

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Dent Ally
About us
Our clinic is equipped with the most modern dental equipment including CAD/CAM, OPG coupled with a state-of-the-art sterilization facility and laboratory. Our treatment chambers have carefully designed ambiance that can be personalized to your needs and preferences in terms of temperature control, entertainment systems. that will make you comfortable and at peace. All these factors have been kept in mind to deliver a relaxing spa-like experience and bust the myth of pain, anxiety, and stress associated with medical/dental treatments. We, at Dent Ally, are committed to providing world-class oral health treatment in a spaciously designed modern clinic where quality and care are given utmost importance.
Contact Details
Everyone wants those perfectly aligned teeth; our team of orthodontists makes sure that your teeth stay that way. Orthodontics deals with braces that align your teeth in an ideal manner.We provide the conventional braces as well as clear aligners so that both the young and the adult can be happy with their smile.
Root canal treatment is needed in cases of cavities that have reached very deep surfaces of the tooth. This procedure is also done when there is a broken tooth because of injury or any other reason or abscess or swelling. Root canal treatment is another way of preserving the tooth in the oral cavity. While root canal treatment is considered an everyday procedure in a dental practice, but making it painless is a specialist’s forte.
Dental Implants are the latest and most advanced way of replacing a tooth, ranging from the replacement of a single tooth to multiple teeth. Implants act by replacing the root portion of the tooth, thus not only replace a tooth but also support the bone beneath thereby preventing loss of jaw bone after tooth loss. A dental implant prevents unnecessary grinding of adjacent natural teeth in cases of bridge placement thereby helps ensure the longevity and preserves the life of the remaining teeth.
In our commitment towards improving complete oral health, we ensure we spend time with each child entering our clinic to educate them about the importance of oral health and how to maintain it. Kids enjoy coming to our setup as we make sure to provide them a friendly and playful environment. We at Dent Ally make sure that the kids are free from thumb sucking habits, nail-biting, lip biting, etc. We keep a check for proper growth and development of the teeth in children.
Our specialized dentists in the field of prosthodontics are trained to replace not only teeth but any missing structure on your face, including gum structure, nose, eyes, and ears that might be lost due to trauma or cancer surgeries.
Right from simple mobile teeth extractions to complicated impacted third molar extractions, our specialized maxillofacial surgeons take care of each surgery efficiently. They are also specialized in jaw bone fracture management and treatment of oral cancer. Our specialists are known to perform all types of maxillofacial surgeries with utmost ease providing the patient comfort and pain-free treatment.
Many people suffer from face, head, neck, shoulder and back pain, without knowing the cause. Most patients tend to survive on pain killers or keep making repetitive visits to their medical practitioners without any improvement in their condition. Very few even think of consulting a dentist. With recent developments in diagnostic technologies, it has been found that uncured and painful ailments are actually symptoms of a problem with the patient’s bite (occlusion) and with the function of their jaw joint, otherwise known as their Temporomandibular joint (TMJ).
We make sure that every patient walking in gets a complete and a thorough oral health check up with complete pre-diagnostic tests and X-rays. At Dent Ally, we not only check and diagnose but also show all our patients what is inside their mouths through our latest and advanced TPC Intra Oral CAM technology. We provide the comfort of staying under one roof for all types of X rays including single tooth RVG as well as full mouth OPG and Cust 3-D X rays.
Prevention and interception of any oral disease at an early age prevent its development into a full-blown disease thus maintaining good oral health and saving time and money. Some situations in which preventive dentistry can help are irregularities in teeth, cavity-prone teeth, development of aesthetic facial structure, proper speech, and avoiding oral habits like thumb sucking nail-biting, mouth breathing, etc. Since we maintain lifetime dental records for our patients, we can keep track of the oral health progress and thus plan your preventive treatment for all diseases at any age as per each individual’s needs.
Our Cosmetic Dentist In Delhi provides the best Cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry is the safest and a permanent way of improving one’s smile and overall facial structure. The effects of a smile makeover are seen way beyond the teeth or the smile. It is the surest, easiest and quickest way to enhance your personality, self-esteem, and your personal brand. At Dent Ally, we take this branch with utmost seriousness as all our treatments are aimed at changing lives and not just giving teeth.
Read Reviews
I came to dent ally with a broken tooth. I needed an emergency appointment as I had a shoot to go to and my front tooth was partly broken. I was very happy that the team managed to accommodate me at very short notice and treatment was done in a single sitting without any pain. The results are amazing. I have attached photos as well. They look so natural that no one can ever tell that something was wrong. An amazing team of professionals and top-notch service!
Narayani Pillai
Dr. Shashi and the team in Dent Ally are very kind and work with great professional manners and a very down-home friendly approach to his patients. They made me feel relaxed and welcome as I was slightly scared of the process of surgically tooth extraction. But the process was easy so much as I could not feel any kind of pain till my recovery. The staff was so caring, prompt, and efficient. I can't express enough the professionalism that this dent ally clinic offers!"
Sonu Sihmar
I was referred here by a friend of mine. I am extremely happy with the doctors and the staff. I underwent extraction and it was done so skillfully that I could not feel anything. The kind of follow-ups the team did to ensure I was comfortable was truly the first-of-a-kind experience. Also to mention the kind of safety measures being taken here is very impressive. Very impressed and finally found my dentists for life.
Chitrangada Bahl
Dr. Shashi and the team have put all my Dental worries at rest. Apart from a neat & clean environment, along with all precautionary CoVID checkpoints, they explain all the procedures before commencing the treatment. They are also very sensitive to the needs of Kids and Elders. Would definitely recommend it to patients of all ages. Thanks, DentAlly.
Piyush Sagar Gupta
Had the most wonderful experience at DentAlly. I got my front teeth veneers done here and I finally have the smile that I had always wanted. My smile suits me perfectly and I am very thankful to the whole team. The process was not at all painful. The whole team was really supportive and answered all my queries. Kudos to the team for the kind of precautions & sterilization & they are following and ensuring we get the treatments we need!
Sameera Singh
The team here is FABULOUS. In fact, I feel Fabulous is also an understatement of the experience I had here right from start to finish. Not only did they address my pain, but they also treated the reason that caused me the pain in the first place. Initially, I was a bit skeptical as it was taking a longer time than I had planned for, but after looking at the results, I just cannot stop smiling. I feel so informed about my teeth now and I have made my entire family aware thanks to the dentists at dentally.
Rajiv Bhatia
I visited dentally for my father's dental implants. I was given their recommendation by one of my friends who had also got her mother's dental implants done here. Given my father's health condition and age, I was quite apprehensive of him undergoing any sort of surgery. at the first visit itself, Dr. Shashi was so reassuring that my father decided to go ahead and now he is reaping the benefits. He is able to eat everything. I couldn't have been more satisfied as all I wanted was the best treatment and a place where my father could be comfortable and dent ally is that place for sure.
Yash Mathur
Awesome team of doctors who did my dental implants so flawlessly that I did not feel any pain at all. I was very apprehensive that I will not be able to talk for a few days and my work might get affected, but right after the surgery, I was leading a meeting. Not only are they the cleanest and most hygienic practice I have visited, they definitely have the best possible precautionary measures in place. Very Satisfied and felt very safe at every visit!
Gautami Bhargava