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Are you looking for Best Dentist in Guntur near me but No Time? Don't worry we select the Best Dental Clinic in Guntur for you! Dental Clinics located at Lakshmipuram, Kothapet and many other Prime locations in Guntur. inTop10 created a list of Dental Implant Clinics in Guntur.
Multi Speciality Dental Clinic and dental hospital located in Kothapet Offering the best dental care services in the city of Guntur.

Dental Clinic in Lakshmipuram Guntur

Best dental clinic in Lakshmipuram, Guntur, A pioneer health center in South India with dentists who are expert in their fields, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Dental Clinic in Lakshmipuram Guntur.
Dental Clinic in Lakshmipuram Guntur
Dental Hospitals in Guntur Kothapet

Dental Hospitals in Kothapet

Best dental hospitals in Guntur Kothapet, best dentist of every specialization, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Dental Hospitals in Guntur Kothapet.

Best Dental Clinic in Guntur

Dental Clinic in Guntur is the best place in your area to go for all your dental treatments, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Dentist in Guntur.

Top 10 Dental Hospitals

Find the list of 10 Best Dental Hospitals in Guntur, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Top 10 Dental Hospitals in Guntur.
Top 10 Dental Hospitals in Guntur
What is Dental Implant?
A dental implant is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis or to act as an orthodontic anchor.
Conventional Implants
A conventional dental implant is usually known as a “Two Piece” implant which consists of the root component and the tooth component in separate bits.
Strategic Implants
Strategic Implants are splinted with (permanent or semi-permanent) bridges very soon after the implant placement.
Dental Implants in Guntur

Dental Implants in Guntur

Best treatment for dental implants in Guntur, full mouth dental implants, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Dental Implants in Guntur. Kothamas Dental Care in Guntur offers the best technology for immediate Dental implants. All types of affordable dental implants are available at Kothamas Dental Care in Guntur. Replace your missing teeth with single tooth implant or full mouth implant. Kothamas offer the best and high quality dental implants treatment.

Kothamas Dental Care

A modern, high standard, ISO Certified multispeciality dental clinic located in heart of Guntur city. We provide personalized dental care in a relaxing, comfortable & stress-free environment. Our goal is to help bring back your confidence by transforming your smile into a bright, straight, natural-looking smile with the use of the most advanced smile designing techniques.
Address: Opp. Women’s College Sambasivapet Main Road, Guntur-522001

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Kothamas Dental Care
About us
Best Dental Clinic in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh with World-class Facilities & Hygenic Environment. We are specialized in Smile designing & variety of Braces including the most advanced clear aligners. We are a certified Invisalign provider. We provide implants, gum treatment with laser, root canal treatment, cosmetic fillings under one roof with Advanced Technology. we are equipped with the latest dental chairs, 100% sterilization protocol for patient safety, Intraoral camera & Digital x-ray for patient education.1000+ beautiful smiles are created here. come visit us to get a painless treatment & the perfect smile that you deserve.
Kothamas Dental Care Guntur
Contact Details
Dental Braces
We believe adults & children don’t have to live with crooked teeth. Recognize whether you need braces treatment? Crooked Teeth Deep Bite Open Bite Forwardly placed Teeth Gaps between Teeth Types of Braces: Metal Braces: A most common type of braces. These braces are made of stainless steel which is minute, lighter than in the past.
Gum Depigmentation
Are your gums dark in color? Do you hide your smile because of the color of your games? Get rid of the black/brown color of your gums by a treatment called gum depigmentation. The superficial pigmented layer of gum is removed within few days it’s naturally replaced by healthy pink gums. With the advancement of lasers, this procedure can be done very effectively & without pain.
Non-invasive way to improve your smile Composite material comes in a wide range of shades that can be molded &sculpted to create any shape. If you have discolored, decayed, irregularly shaped teeth; you may be a good candidate for composite resin.
Dental Veneers
Get the healthy, beautiful smile you wanted in just 2 office visits. What are Dental Veneers? Dental veneer/ porcelain is a water-thin shell of porcelain that once bonded to the tooth surface with special adhesive resin becomes a part of the tooth & as strong as the natural tooth. They are bounded to the front surface of the tooth.
Teeth Whitening
Everyone wants a dazzling white smile and there are ways to get that extra sparkle in your smile. According to your lifestyle, we offer several options for bleaching. Home bleaching In-office bleaching Home Bleaching : Custom made clear trays and bleaching gel will be given to you If the gel is applied in the tray and worm overnight within 7-10 days you will see visibly white teeth. In-Office Bleaching : Tooth whitening gel is applied to the teeth then a blue light is directed at the teeth, Gel gets activated and removes deep strains. Sure results of at least 3-4 shades of whiter.
Smile Makeover
Many people can be unhappy with their smiles for various reasons. Their teeth may be worn down, twisted, missing, and discolored. Most of the time it’s a combination of issues which is where smile makeover fits in.
Dental Implants
A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, made of the most biocompatible metal, Titanium that is placed into your jaw bone which fuses into your bone over a period of time &then a crown is placed on top of it. Single-tooth implant Full mouth Implants
Root Canal Treatment
Kothamas Dental care, RCT is usually done in a single sitting using the latest techniques of rotary endodontics thereby reducing procedure time. Single sitting RCT Done in less than an hour using advanced endodontic technology incorporating rotary motors, apex locators, digital radiography, lasers.
Crowns & Dental Bridges
Crowns : They are used to cover and strengthen damaged teeth. Crowns are used in the following situations, Root canal treated tooth Fractured tooth Discolored tooth Irregular shaped Crown & Bridge: It involves placing a crown on each tooth on either side of the missing tooth and the artificial tooth is suspended between the crowns. They are preeminently fixed on to tooth surface.
Periodontal (GUM) Therapy
Gum diseases are the most common infections in the world next to respiratory infections. One major problem is that it is usually painless, with few symptoms in the early stages. If left untreated it results in tooth loss. Is there a cure? It is preventable & treatable if diagnosed at the right time Depending on how advanced the case is, treatment involves.
Wisdom Teeth Extraction
Wisdom teeth / 3rd molars are the last teeth to erupt. Sometimes these do not have enough space in the jaw bone to come out & get impacted. It can result in pain, swelling & injection surrounding the wisdom tooth. In such situations, we recommend undergoing tooth removal surgically.
Pedodontics (Children Dentistry)
Pediatric dentists have had special training, which allows them to provide the most up-to-date and thorough treatment for a wide variety of children’s dental problems. Our team provides dental care for children with the main focus on preventive programs in a completely stress-free atmosphere.
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Really happy with the treatment. Seems expensive but they justify it. I really appreciate that they are very concerned about customer feedback. I would suggest you to go for it.
bharath konatham
Praneeth sir has more knowledgeable and nice treatment. The hospital is using the latest technologies for dental treatment. Thank you, Sir.
Madhu Kurra
Dr. praneeth is a great doctor! He’s very understanding and listens to your problems. He takes time with the patient to help them with their health issues! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a specialist.
Aashik Jain
The way the doctor is interacting with patients is laudable. The treatment of the doctor is very impressive and good. Unequivocally it can be said that' Kothamas dental care' is best in A. P with regard to dental treatment.