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Best Dentist and Dental Clinics Gomti Nagar, Lucknow – Book appointment for orthodontist, exodontists, endodontists for pediatric & adult teeth whitening, Crown & Roots. Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Dental Clinic in Lucknow Gomti Nagar.
Dentist in Lucknow Gomti Nagar
Dentist in Lucknow Aliganj

Dentist in Aliganj

Dentists in Aliganj, Lucknow perform a range of procedures aimed at keeping your teeth healthy, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Dental Clinic in Lucknow Aliganj.

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Leading Dental Care Service Provider in Hazratganj Lucknow, Dental Care Clinic, with over Two Decades of Proven Expertise, is a Leading Dental Care Service Provider in Lucknow. Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Dental Clinic in Lucknow Hazratganj.
Dentist in Lucknow Hazratganj
Best Dentist in Lucknow Chowk

Best Dentist in Lucknow Chowk

list of best Dentist in Lucknow Chowk, Search for top Dentist near Lucknow Chowk, Dentist Near Me, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Dental Clinic in Lucknow Chowk.

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List of the best dentists in Indira Nagar Lucknow, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Dental Clinic in Lucknow Indira Nagar.
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Dental Clinic in Alambagh Lucknow

Dentist in Alambagh

Find best Dental Clinics in Alambagh, Lucknow online. Select from a list of Dental Clinics near you in Alambagh, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Dental Clinic in Alambagh Lucknow.

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Dental Clinic Offering Tooth Coloured Filling Treatment Service in Mahanagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Dentist in Mahanagar Lucknow.
Dental Clinic in Mahanagar Lucknow
What does an Endodontist do?
Endodontists have completed more supervised training related to their specialty of diagnosing tooth pain and performing root canal therapy. If you’re experiencing tooth pain, you have injured your tooth, your tooth is sensitive to hot or cold, you should make an appointment to see an Endodontist.
Best Endodontist in Lucknow

Best Endodontist

Endodontist in Lucknow: Search and find best Endodontist near you to book appointment , Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Endodontist in Lucknow.
What is Cosmetic Dentistry?
If your teeth are stained, discolored, worn, chipped, broken, misaligned, misshapen, or have gaps between them, modern cosmetic dentistry can give you a better smile. A “smile makeover” improves the appearance of your smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures.
Cosmetic Dental Procedures
Cosmetic Dentistry cost starts from Rs 5,000 depending upon the materials used for dentistry.
Best Cosmetic Dentist in Lucknow

Best Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is a method of professional oral care that focuses on improving the appearance of your mouth, teeth and smile., Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Cosmetic Dentist in Lucknow.

Best Dental Surgeon

Dr. Amay Tripathi (Chief Dental Surgeon , Oral Implantologist and Cosmetic Dentist) is one of the Best Dental surgeon in Rama Dental Clinic & Dental Implant Center, Lucknow, Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Dental Surgeons available in Lucknow.
Best Dental Surgeon in Lucknow
What is an Orthodontist?
Orthodontists are dental specialists who are trained in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. They provide a wide range of treatment options to straighten crooked teeth, fix bad bites and align the jaws correctly.
Orthodontist in Lucknow


Dr. Amay Tripathi is a well known orthodontist and also INVISALIGN aligner provider in Lucknow. Here you can get contact numbers and addresses of Best Orthodontist available in Lucknow.
Best Dentist in Lucknow near me
An Iso 9001:2008 Certified Centre

Rama Dental Clinic & Implant Centre

Welcome to Rama Dental Clinic and Implant Centre, an iso 9001:2008 certified centre that offers multi-speciality treatment for all sorts of dental and oral problems where dr amay tripathi provides cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers for his Essex dental patients. Our motto is to guide our patients along a path of optimal health and wellness, for life. To non-judgmentally deliver the highest possible level of care, with empathy and understanding.
546/528 Mahanagar Gol Market Chauraha, Opp. Arihant Restaurant, Opp Hyundai Showroom, Mahanagar Lucknow

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Rama Dental Clinic and Implant Centre
About us
We at Rama dental clinic work with keeping patients in the center picture. We try to give the patient a realistic picture instead of promising magical or radical changes. We also educate patients before complex procedures and surgeries. This helps in reducing the anxiety of the patient. Our staff is courteous and friendly with patients. timelines are adhered to and are generally followed. The patient when comes in pain is assured and immediate steps are taken to get him rid of his discomfort first.
Rama Dental Clinic and Implant Centre
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Dental Implants
Dental Implants are replacements for tooth roots and missing or damaged teeth. The procedure replaces damaged or missing teeth with metal (Titanium) screw-like posts and artificial ceramic teeth that look and work like any normal tooth, only much better. The implants could be done for one tooth to several teeth or the entire teeth set. Dental implants are better alternatives to conventional techniques such as ‘bridges’. Due to the great extent of relief offered by this procedure and this being very similar to natural teeth, Dental Implants are seen as a welcome technique desired by many.
Snoring Dentistry
Untreated OSA can lead to cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, stroke, depression, sleepiness-related accidents. Depending on the cause and severity of the condition, a variety of treatment options are available. Lifestyle changes – Weight reduction, ceasing of habits. Removable dental appliances that help in positioning the lower jaw and tongue forward thus increasing the airway dimensions Surgical procedures in upper and lower jaws to increase the airway space Children can also develop OSA as seen in adults. Snoring is the hallmark of OSA in children. Surgical removal of enlarged tonsils/adenoids is the first line of treatment. Dentistry plays a pivotal role in the identification and possible treatment of patients with OSA. With the right treatment method, several patients have shown to benefit immensely thereby increasing their Quality of Life.
Root Canal Treatment
During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. Without treatment, the tissue surrounding the tooth will become infected and an abscess may form. The material used to fill the root canal: Root canal filling material (gutta percha) is placed in the canals and the tooth is sealed with a temporary filling to protect it from contamination. Then a crown is usually placed over the tooth to seal and protect it from recontamination and future damage.
Kids Dentistry
We know that taking your kids for a dental check-up has never been easy! Our child-friendly environment equipped with toys will encourage your child to look forward to his/her next appointment. The latest American guidelines for pediatric dentists in Lucknow recommend that parents should bring their child to the dentist as soon as the first teeth appear – usually around 6 months or at least before their 1st birthday.
Laser Dentistry
A variety of lasers are now the main-stay of dental treatment. Almost every aspect of dental care can be enhanced with adjuvant laser therapy. The Advantages include:- Painless, bloodless procedures and surgery Local anesthesia injections can be avoided in most cases No stitches required Reduced need for post-operative antibiotics and painkillers Reduced post-operative swelling and discomfort Quicker recovery.
Gum Treatment
How do you know if you have a gum disease? Bad breath that won’t go away. Red or swollen gums. Tender or bleeding gums. Painful chewing. Loose teeth. Sensitive teeth. Receding gums or longer appearing teeth Abscess (pus oozing from the gums) How do you keep your teeth healthy and strong? Brush twice a day Use fluoridated toothpaste Floss your teeth daily Limit sugary foods and acidic drinks Protect your teeth from injury Treatments offered at Rama Dental Clinic Deep scaling and root planing Painless Laser curettage and flap surgeries All procedures are carried out by the periodontist (Gum specialist) in conjunction with a restorative dentist to achieve ideal functional as well as esthetic results.
Veneers Dental Treatment
Ceramic veneers teeth are thin porcelain shields that cover only the front surface of the teeth. Since the preparation /grinding of enamel for the ceramic veneers involve only the front surface, it represents the better alternative to the full coverage crowns. They are usually indicated for the correction of stained, chipped, malformed, unaesthetic teeth, and closure of small spaces between the front teeth. However, the choice between the ceramic veneers dental treatment and full coverage crowns will be determined by the clinician/doctor after completing the clinical evaluation.
Teeth Whitening
Bleaching or Teeth whitening treatment is a simple, painless way to make your teeth whiter. Although teeth are very hard, the outer layer, enamel, has microscopic pores that can discolour over time, from smoking and food colouring. Sometimes, the discolouration can occur during early tooth formation from antibiotics and fluoride consumption. The bleaching gel applied in a transparent tray fits snugly over the teeth. It can be used during the day or while sleeping. The process takes from several days to a couple of weeks.
Ceramic & Metal Braces
Traditional braces are more effective at treating extreme overcrowding They give your orthodontist the control he needs to move the teeth in small increments at a time. The main disadvantage of traditional braces is the metal mouth appearance. Today’s braces are more visually appealing than in past years, with a range of color options for both the brackets and the elastics. Wearing these types of braces also means that you don’t have to worry about ever misplacing your aligners. You will be wearing your braces for a fairly lengthy period, so it is important to follow your orthodontist’s instructions and care for them properly. While braces may seem like an inconvenience, once the treatment is over, your new smile will be all the reward you need.
Invisible Lingual Braces
Lingual braces have the same components as conventional braces, but they’re fixed to the back of your teeth, on the tongue — or lingual — side of the teeth. Because they’re behind your teeth, they’re nearly invisible. Lingual braces have obvious advantages over labial braces. It does not compromise the esthetics since it’s nearly invisible. Also access for brushing on frontal surfaces is easy and thus oral hygiene maintenance is simpler. You would be able to notice the changes happening during the treatment as the front of your teeth are free of brackets. Also, lingual braces provide us with greater control and advantages in certain cases. The only way to know for sure whether lingual braces are right for you is to consult with your orthodontist. Overall, lingual braces can correct the same kinds of alignment issues as conventional braces.
Self Ligating Braces
Self-Ligating brackets are placed much like the conventional braces, with the exception of a ligature: No elastic, rubber bands, or metal ties are used to secure the wire within the bracket. The brackets have an inbuilt mechanism (slide/clip) that can be opened and closed to secure the wire. This allows greater freedom of tooth movement; thereby they might reduce the discomfort that is sometimes associated with a traditional ligature. During monthly visits, opening and closing the slide (or door) on the brackets is generally a speedier process, than removing and putting elastics around each bracket (as in the case of traditional braces). Patients will be in and out of the office quicker. A major concern with conventional braces is the maintenance of proper oral hygiene, as food accumulates around the elastic bands. Due to the absence of these bands, brushing becomes easier with Self-ligating brackets.
Zygoma Implants
Zygoma implants are appropriate for any person with missing or shaky teeth in their upper jaw, insufficient bone in the upper jaw to sustain regular implants, as well as those who are wearing complete dentures. Rama dental clinic has India’s most qualified and experienced team for zygoma implants comprising excellent clinicians, qualified and trained.
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Milan Dogra

Very nice dental clinic for dental implants got my mother's full mouth implant done here. Covid related precautions were taken. The doctor was very good and the staff was very cooperative.

Rajesh Gautam

Very nice and best dental clinic in Lucknow. all modern dental treatments available in a painless manner. Excellent professional services are provided by Rama Dental.

Anamika Tiwari

Rama Dental Clinic is One of the Best Dental Clinic in Lucknow, Visit today If you are facing any type of dental issues. Dental Professional and experienced doctor.