Yoga Classes in Qatar

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Dynamic Hot Yoga

About: Welcome to Dynamic Hot Yoga “Some Like it Hot!” This powerful, effective, and exciting style of yoga is finally in Qatar. We, at Dynamic Hot Yoga know how excited you must be. After all, this is a cause for celebrating, a celebration of your health as well as your physical and mental well-being. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a first time yoga student, we want your experience to be the best possible.
Address : European Family Club aka Garvey’s Doha, Qatar

Yama Yoga

About: Yama Yoga is Doha’s first Yoga Studio and was established in 2009 by Valerie Jeremijenko. Our goal is to offer the Doha Community a space to practice in a welcoming environment and to share our passion and knowledge. Our certified teachers come from all over the world and share a common interest in being part of the growing Yama tribe by sharing their knowledge and learning from others to all have the opportunity to grow together.
Address: ​Asas, Al Waab, Doha, Qatar

Niya Yoga

About: Niya Yoga is a bright, beautiful yoga studio and holistic healing centrein Doha, Qatar. We offer a peaceful space where students of all levels are welcome to explore the power of yoga and all the good things that come with the practice.
Address : 194 Mercato Palazzo 1Qanat Quartier, The PearlDoha, Qatar


About: Yogasha is the first center that provides professional Counseling and Yoga services in the State of Qatar. Besides, offers meditation and relaxation for individuals and groups. YOGASHA is a place where you can express your feelings and thoughts freely.Engage your mind, soul and body with Yoga and Counseling.
Address : Akherittiyat – Villa No. 157 – Doha Expy


About: At YogaNality we have imbibed techniques from the five prime types of yoga. It is advisable to maintain a good balance between these to reap the maximum benefits of this discipline.
Address : Qatar


About: Here you will find everything you want to learn about regarding yoga practice, with each class led by one of our experienced, talented yoga instructors. Select your ‘level,’ as well as class style, duration, focus, yoga poses and teacher. Styles include Power, Vinyasa, Pranayama, and Meditation among others, while focus options include alignment, detox, flexibility, hamstrings, heart opening, and so much more.
Address : P.O.Box: 24935, Al Hilal East, Behind Gulf Times, “C’ Ring road,Doha, Qatar

Yo Yoga

About: I teach Yoga out of passion and not on a commercial basis. All profits earned from teaching Yoga are directed towards worthwhile charitable causes. I truly believe that it will be utterly selfish of me to keep the knowledge I have gained through my practice all to myself, however limited that knowledge may be. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to dedicate my time to help others in their yogic journey. It may be that I can only help in a small way, but as they say “the Total is the sum of its parts”.
Address : Qatar

Yoga Coach

About: “Experience the power of Yoga. The Ashtanga Yoga practice allows you to explore the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your being. Proven to promote weight loss, flexibility and physical strength, yoga also brings about a calmer state of mind, better concentration and mindfulness. Through a constant series of physical postures, you will gradually see improvements on your body’s physical plane, energy channels, you will remove toxins and discover new strength. Love and embrace individuality. Improve well being, health and inner peace through Yoga. “
Address : Personal Training

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